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Stock Trader Breathes Fire, Clones Self Shocker

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It is formal. The Stock Trading Master got out traded today. What happened? Lance got blindsided in to shorting the stock market by the bearish Head and Shoulders top and the Burial Cross and then was creamed by bulls as the stock market reversed.

Worse, this is the Stock Trading Master’s third loss back to back. That means that the stock trading decree activates where Lance tells himself he needs to take a seat on the sidelines for about 1 week.

It is humorous. When you do not have a individual investment in the market how apparent matters become. You are not a bull considering things from a positive preconceived notion, nor are you a bear looking at things from a pessimistic prejudice. You actually have no bias for the reason that not a bit of your own money is at stake. As a result, your opinions become clear as you see the market for what it truly is.

Having a trading loss statute is so important that some credit the reality that institutional investors out trade rookie traders just since they have such a decree. When a gentleman at a trading desk has a succession of losses, the manager comes up and taps the trader on the shoulder. That means he’s done for the trading day. No questions. No disagreeing. As soon as the tap comes, you turn off your trading workstation and go home.

In this video Lance literally breathes fire in fury over his 3 successive losses. He then lectures himself and screams no more trading!


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